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Learn to use Google My Business to Boost your Google ranking organically. 

Ann · July 21, 2020

Google+ failed but we believe it was allowed to die because Google saw an area where business owners were not being served and decided to focus their energy on that area.  Thus was born what we call, the social media platform nobody is talking about, Google My Business.  Google My Business started as a way for small businesses to be found on Google.  You put in your location and contact information and Google shared that information in the form of a knowledge box.  Today, it is so much more.  

In this course, Ann Brennan, CEO of ASMM Digital Marketing walks you through using Google My Business effectively to boost your ranking organically.  When you take the course we suggest you set aside at least two hours to walk through each step of the video and complete your Google My Business page fully.  

This course is helpful for all small businesses, including solopreneurs who are almost always left out of SEO efforts. 

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