ASMM Digital Campus

Everything You Need To Know To Market Your Company Online

ASMM Digital Campus was born out of a desire to help small business owners navigate the ever changing world of digital marketing.  Almost 90% of your customers will find you online before they ever give you a call.  The majority of people who find you online will start with your reviews before they move onto your website, but what about those who are not looking for you? How will you reach them?  The fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get in front of potential customers is through social media.

The courses on this site are designed to guide you through both social media AND marketing. One without the other simply does not work. We want you to be armed with the full package for your business. That begins with understanding what marketing is today and moves into how social media can help you reach your audience.

Our campus is guided by our students. If there is a subject you think we should be covering let us know.  We will add it. We want to give you the tools you need to build your business.